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Watt are we waiting for?

Hello everyone! As mentioned on our last post, today we will be talking about hot news regarding clean energy and what we are doing to contribute to relying only on a environmentally friendly grid. We will be discussing some of the facts for you to get a better holistic picture about what we need to overcome as a whole. Lets focus for now on the U.S. and our current relationship with oil. At the moment, we currently have approximately 100 years worth of oil to provide the necessities of current trends in powering the world. That's not too long into the future if you really think about it. It's not whether or not there will be a green revolution, but when....

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Melting ice sheets means underwater cities

Good day everyone, Today we will be explaining how sea level rise can effect most of the world's population if we were to lose all of our ice sheets. Ice sheets, including Greenland and Antartica are melting faster than ever before. The problem equates to all of that ice entering the ocean and flooding our coasts. There are plenty of places in the world that are already facing these awful effects. This would be one of the most expensive and hardest environmental problems to fix. Take a look at the worlds cities. You will notice that most major cities are based extremely close to the coast. This is because shipping and ports can easily with lower costs of transportation to...

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Ocean of....plastics?

Hello all. We hope you took some extra steps in recycling on your way to reading this! Lets dive a bit deeper into our oceans towards our next topic, our plastic situation.   If you haven't noticed, plastic use has grown exponentially in our daily lives. Basically everything you can possibly buy at the store involves some sort of plastic these days, even groceries. People have gotten extremely used to the "single-use" lifestyle and simply disposing various items, whatever they may be, after unwrapping a newly purchased item. However, this plastic lifestyle has started to seriously build up. And I mean, REALLY build up. If you had to guess, how much plastic would you say is currently floating in our...

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Hello all, and welcome back. Our last post gave insight on the foundation of why we are doing what we are doing and the vision that we have for our world. However,  it is deeply important for a business to be aware of the outcomes from where their product is sourced and the impact it develops. This is no different than our own. Lets dive a little bit deeper into our bamboo.  There are a variety of reasons that we use bamboo as the main type of material in our designs. Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth? Bamboo can grow at a pace of 3 meters a day in some sub species. It is...

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Intro to Wooden Journey

Hello everyone, and welcome to Wooden Journey! We are very excited to bring you informative, fun, and relevant posts on a variety of issues surrounding climate change. Climate change is such an important issue that impacts us all, and as a company, we are committed to focusing on how we can be a leader on climate solutions. It is the reason behind our company name.  We are all connected, and we need to make these changes together. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when learning about the many problems that are currently effecting our environment. Our society is facing rising carbon dioxide and methane levels, sea levels rising, plastic pollution, and forest habitat destruction. Here at Wooden Journey, it is our...

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