About Us

Wooden Journey started as an idea. What if you wanted to help combat climate change, but didn't know how to do it? Here at Wooden Journey, we believe that by focusing on all of the main environmental issues, we can truly create the sustainable world we all deserve to prosper together. There is so much to be done, where would someone even start? We are on a mission to make it possible. 

Every purchase through our store carries the Wooden Journey Commitment of:

Planting 3 trees in the Amazon Rainforest and Australia



Restoring 1,000 gallons of fresh water in areas that have been depleted as well as help clean our incredible and vast oceans


Offsetting 1,000 pounds of greenhouse emissions by funding clean technology practices, one of the main barriers to fixing the climate crisis.




We want our community to be a place where people can join and work together in order to make the world a greener place. There's enough negativity in the world with the issues at hand. Lets make our own results. Saving the environment is ours for the taking. We just need to unite together. Lets get to work.

Join the thousands already apart of the Wooden Journey community on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest for regular updates on our journey towards a sustainable world. Welcome to the Wooden Journey.