Our Tree Sites

Wooden Journey has truly identified important tree planting sites throughout the world and are planting in locations that we feel need the most help. We’re sure you would agree due to the latest deforestation rates at the sites below. We are currently planting in 4 primary locations, and are actively assessing additional locations on where we can further our tree planting impact.
The Amazon Rainforest-This is the largest rainforest in the world which makes one of the most important places to conserve. We are planting in the country of Peru, and are looking to expand to Brazil which is the country that holds the largest part of this abundant forest.
Africa-We have established our tree planting site in the country of Uganda, within the Rukungiri region. This region is located in close proximity to the Congo Basin, which is the second largest rainforest in the world behind the Amazon.
Australia-We are very proud to be planting here after their devastating bushfires with OneTreePlanted. More information on this project can be found at onetreeplanted.org
Indonesia-Our newest site we are planting in is now Sumatra, located right next an an orangutan reservation. Indonesian lands have been taken for profit and not conserved for wildlife, and we aim to make a difference to help reforest these incredible rainforests that they have. One example of the tree we are working to plant is the durian fruit tree. This is a food source for orangutans and will not only help the orangutan habitat but also the local village of Bukit Lawang.