How long does a necklace take to ship to me?

We typically expedite every single purchase to our customers within under one week.

Where are you planting trees?

Trees are truly being planted across the world here at Wooden Journey. Our current tree planting sites are The Amazon Rainforest, Indonesia in Sumatra next to an orangutan national forest, Australia, and Africa in the Rukungiri region of Uganda.

Can you tell us about the necklace?

Our necklace cord is made of bamboo-a sustainable wood alternative from producers here in the US. We are currently in the process of identifying a type of wood for better sustainability that is upcycled. Upcycled is the most sustainable woods that you can use because it is post-consumer and would otherwise been thrown out. Currently each necklace does use wood, but one single tree can make thousands of necklaces which through us can plant tens of thousands for all necklace purchases. It is better to use wood since it is a sustainable material. However all of our sunglasses and watches are already made of 100% bamboo!

How are you trying to plant one trillion trees?

Our first mission of Wooden Journey is unite an incredible community together, we will be able to plant trees every single day. The Wooden Journey family is already over 120,000 members strong.

For our second mission of Wooden Journey, we  are looking into supporting environmentally friendly drone technology in order to plant millions of trees every single day. COVID UPDATE-This is currently on pause due to travel restrictions but are working to get this implemented as soon as possible. 

How can I trust Wooden Journey?

You can trust us through the numerous verified purchase reviews and current subscribers to Wooden Journey. We ensure to make every single customer extremely happy while maintaining our dedication to the environment. this is the main mission of why we were established. Any questions can always be asked at info@woodenjourney.com as well and we will have a specialist from our team get in touch with you!